The operation of the platform is handled by ParkBird ApS, CVR no. 41339381, Bredgade 65, 2 tv. (hereafter referred to as ‘ParkBird').


Access to use ParkBird services depends on whether you are a user or a company that rents out parking lots, and registered as a member of ParkBird. Users can use ParkBird for rent in the ParkBird app and possibly also the platform, and the company can rent out using the ParkBird platform, however, it requires that you are a member. Access to the ParkBird platform, however, advertising the rental of parking requires membership of ParkBird.

A company that registers a parking lot is then called a "landlord". A user who uses a parking lot and associated facilities is hereinafter referred to as a "tenant".

Membership of ParkBird is established and validated by:

- The Member's acceptance of these terms and conditions for the ParkBird platform

- The member's correct entry of member information (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) in ParkBird's member profile or creation of membership via Facebook profile or It is possible at any time for a member to make changes under the menu 'user profile', including the possibility to delete their membership information. However, this is not the case if you are part of a company that has created the user through the platform. In these circumstances, it is the company's responsibility to delete the user based on the applicable rules. Upon deletion of membership information, which is a prerequisite for becoming a member of ParkBird, the membership is automatically considered terminated.

Once the member is created, the member will receive a confirmation email, which will be sent to the member's email address.

ParkBird reserves the right to refuse or terminate any membership without notice or consent. Any member may terminate its membership without notice, subject to a rental period, with another tenant or landlord. This must be completed under normal terms.

If contact is made between tenant and landlord via the ParkBird platform, it is agreed that all payment and cooperation takes place through the ParkBird platform. This approves members once the terms have been accepted. 


ParkBird's users only acquire access to a dissemination platform (database). The dissemination platform contains and provides access to such factual information that enables tenants to establish the necessary contact with landlords who advertise a parking, warehouse or storage facility, all for the purpose of an agreement on the above conditions.

It is possible to use the platform regardless of whether you are a private renter or business. If you are a private renter then the payment will take place immediately via card or other possible payment solutions, if such exist at the time.

Data protection

According to the Personal Data Act, your personal information must be stored securely and confidentially. ParkBird complies with privacy laws. ParkBird is the data controller and data processor for the ParkBird platform.

Personal Information

- At ParkBird we collect information about the user, and process this in connection with the registration of the user on ParkBird's platform.

- In connection with the registration, the user consents to ParkBird processing and storing information in accordance with Act No. 429 of 31.

- The user also consents to ParkBird passing on necessary information to users on the platform which may be public to all.

- All forms of personal data are made in accordance with data legislation and act in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

- ParkBird does not use the information or pass it on to any other party for marketing purposes unless the user has consented to it.

Behaviour and actions, in addition to what is covered by the insurance:

- The use of ParkBird's platform and application comes at the user's own risk.

- Information and recommendations sent from ParkBird's platform to the user are for informational and development purposes only and therefore do not constitute advice.

- The user shall indemnify ParkBird in respect to any damage, loss or other expense incurred in connection with the user's breach of the Terms and Conditions or breach of applicable law.

ParkBird cannot be held responsible for the following:

- Key errors, unintentional functions or inaccurate content on ParkBird's platform.

Damage to users, their equipment and / or vehicles.

Behaviour and actions, in addition to what is covered by the insurance.

Agreement between Landlord and Tenant

Tenant and landlord must always ensure the following in connection with the conclusion and implementation of the agreement:

That the landlord owns the right to rent the parking lot, so that the Landlord has the right to enter the rental agreement, between the parties

- That the parking lot complies with all legal requirements and that these are otherwise of sound condition, as the platform merely conveys images, descriptions and communication. In practice, the tenant reviews the landlord's location, and thus approves that the landlord's location meets legal requirements before the agreement basis begins.

- That the pictures, descriptions and communication are true and in the condition as promised, as well as agreed via the ParkBird platform

- That the landlord and tenant together ensure documentation upon completion of premises or parking use. That these are reviewed for any internal or external damage, as the damage should be documented immediately when photographing.

- That the tenant must legally park his vehicle in the parking lot

- That the applicable rules and legal requirements within parking in Denmark are complied with. The Landlord can not be held liable for the Tenant's vehicle, provided that legal requirements are met.

- That the Tenant pays all fines and fees imposed on parking, due to use in violation of the Traffic Act, parking restrictions, etc.

- That the Parking lot is returned in the same condition as at delivery. Here, non-compliance by this part on the part of the Tenant will typically lead to a sanction on the part of ParkBird, and this could result in a poor rating of the tenant on the part of the landlord, or potentially a fine.

The landlord is responsible for the following requirements:

- The parking lot must be owned, rented or part of a company or land where the landlord has control and ownership over the location.

- The parking lot must comply with Danish legislation.

- The landlord must have permission to rent out the premises or parking lot.

The tenant is responsible for the following requirements:

- No property, cargo or motor vehicles that are found illegally in Denmark may be stored.

Changing the user interface and ParkBird platform

ParkBird may at any time change the service, conditions and discontinue the platform by notifying the user, for example on ParkBird's platform, application or by email.In the event of changes to these terms, the user will be notified and the user must accept these new terms.

Interaction with partner or third party

ParkBird can and may place hyperlinks on the platform to other websites or applications owned by third parties and thus outside ParkBird's control. Applications owned by third parties and thus outside ParkBird's control. Other services may have their own terms of trade and business, as well as data and personal data processing policies which ParkBird is not responsible for. 

Exclusion and rating of users

ParkBird reserves the right to establish a rating system whereby the tenant and landlord evaluate each other and their experiences of one another on ParkBird's platform. If such a system is established, ParkBird can exclude the user from ParkBird’s platform without notice

We at ParkBird do not allow and directly prohibit

- Attempts to impersonate another person, account or location

- Unwanted contact or content, or spam that is repeatedly shared in a disruptive way

- Commercial content, such as company logos, links or company names for the purpose of complaint

- Content that promotes, harmful or illegal activity, with blasphemous, vulgar, vile, harassing or threatening behaviour and communication

- Discrimination in all forms, whether it concerns gender, age, race or other

- Content that illegally infringes upon a person's rights, including copyright and privacy rights

- ParkBird's investigations and information may not be referenced without consent.

- Content that allows the identification of a parking lot, attic location or other content, who can threaten a member of ParkBird

Banned types of communication on ParkBird's platform

Truthful and respectful reviews are the foundation of our ParkBird community and therefore we prohibit:

- Posting user content that is untrue, false, illegal or otherwise misleading

- Reviews that do not represent the user experience with ParkBird

- Reviews that compensated with payment, services or discount

- Reviews that blackmail, threaten or motivate this

- Content that has nothing to do with ParkBird's experience, topic or platform

- Attacks on members, harassment or trolling

What can’t I store?

- Any weapons, explosives, ammunition or fireworks

- All types of flammable, including liquor, gas, oil, paint, gasoline or lighter fluid

- Any type of medicine, drug equipment or plant for this type of use

- Illegal items, such as stolen property and content that makes the user subject to serious legal ramifications

- Living and organic organisms, including animals, plants, insects, fungi or bacteria.

- Objects that produce a strong odour, produce gas, leak liquid or are moist.

- Toxic, polluting or radioactive objects, liquids or living

- Anything that creates sounds, noise or nuisance.

- Anything that can increase in size, is volatile, or capable of eruption.

Partial invalidity, choice of law and venue

- If one or more points in this document are found to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, then no other points shall be impaired, invalidated or lose their feasibility thereafter.

- Any dispute between tenant and landlord must be settled in a civil case between the parties outside ParkBird with Copenhagen law as a venue.


Marketing is not permitted on our platform in either hidden or direct form. We reserve the right to remove any material generated by a user if any form of marketing has taken place.

Right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal for ParkBird's users as the agreement between landlord and tenant is not covered or bound by the right of withdrawal of the Consumer Contracts Act. However, it is possible to cancel your agreement for both tenant and landlord up to 24 hours before the booked start date. However, it will not be covered if the landlord has added: 'booking immediately'.


- ParkBird handles all payments through Repay's payment module and online portal. Repay works by reserving the full amount, including administration fee and other possible fees immediately on the tenant's account when booking via the ParkBird platform

- The renter can cancel the booking up to 24 hours before the booking start time, unless 'booking immediately' is used, or the booking has exceeded the 24-hour deadline before the booking start time, in which case the user will be charged for a minimum of 1 period as specified in the order.

- If the rental for reasons can not be completed, such as damage to premises or parking lot which means that the rental does not appear as promised through the advertisement, and the landlord draws attention to this over 24 hours before the booking start time, the agreement shall lapse without payment. This also applies in cases where the landlord finds the cancellation after the deadline of 24 hours before the start of the booking. However, the landlord can expect a bad rating from the other party. The same applies if the tenant terminates the agreement before the 24 hours before booking start time.

- Any cancellation must always be notified via the platform if the termination of the agreement takes place.

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