Tips about illegal road cabotage are a great help for the police

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Illegal cabotage unfortunately occurs, and fortunately there are extra eyes on it. Last summer, a South Jutland transport company was fined DKK 1 million (Source: Here, two of the company's foreign registered trucks were detained as security for the fine to be paid. Small tips on suspicions in relation to illegal cabotage are a great help to the police.

Danish rules for road cabotage

In order to comply with the rules in relation to cabotage driving in Denmark, it is required that an international transport is carried out and completed. Cabotage can then be carried out without risking a fine.

After an international transport, the means of transport must perform 3 cabotage runs in the country, and thereafter it is a necessity that an outbound transport is made again.

Fortunately, there is overall support for the rules from the transport industry. The industry is aware of suspicious driving that may occur on Danish roads. So it helps with the little tips because they can help confirm a suspicion that the police may have about a business. Specifically, this was the case with the aforementioned case this summer, where the South Jutland haulage company broke the rules for cabotage driving. 

Summer last year, the police found a Macedonian driver who presented a driver's certificate that he worked for a Slovenian transport company, but he was driving in a truck that was rented in Denmark. Therefore, the small tips are really useful, because it can be difficult to see through when carrying out illegal cabotage.

Heavy stuff

The cases of illegal cabotage require a lot of resources. If you ask Henrik Fobian, police commissioner from Tungvognscenter Øst, exactly these cases require police officers with specialist knowledge of trucks, laws and regulations.  

The goal of withholding foreign registered trucks is that the haulier pays "up front". No payment, no cart. 

High fines

The consequences are high when it comes to illegal cabotage. According to the Danish Transport Authority, the fine rates are DKK 35,000 for one to two illegal cabotage journeys. The fine for three to five illegal journeys is NOK 70,000 and NOK 105,000 for six to nine illegal journeys. 

And there is no dear mother, as they say. Police do not hesitate to detain carts until the fine is paid. 

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