Safe parking for truck drivers decreases the risk of getting parking tickets

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Dear truck drivers. It’s a challenge that there are not enough parking spaces for you.

From 1st of January 2019 until 30th of November 2020 there has been distributed around 9.300 parking tickets (Source: DR)

The main part of the tickets don’t get paid, because they are received by international truck drivers, who at the moment have the opportunity to “run away from the bill”. Regarding this it’s discussed what kind of instances there should be to get payment from international truck drivers.

Strategi skal inddrive penge for bøder

The British company Euro Parking Collection is hired to get payment for the tickets from international truck drivers, who have been breaking the law by for example parking on parking lines, parking in parking spaces that were booked or breaking the 25 hours rule.

In 2018 the 25 hours rule was introduced for trucks on rest areas along the highway, which should prevent getting crowded rest areas. If the truck drivers break the rule, they get a ticket, and unfortunately it’s not easy to get them to pay the tickets.

There is more than one solution

The Danish Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht, wants to invest in better capacity on rest areas. Here at ParkBird we think it’s a fantastic solution. We have to ask ourselves: Why do so many truck drivers get parking tickets? Our answer to this question is that the conditions for truck drivers to manage their parking are bad. There are so many opportunities to make it easier and more safe for truck drivers to go to work. bliver der udstedt så mange parkeringsbøder til lastbilchauffører? Vores svar til det spørgsmål er, at parkeringsforholdene lige nu er urimelige. Der er mange muligheder for at gøre det nemmere og mere sikkert for lastbilchauffører at begå sig i trafikken. 

Better work conditions for truck drivers

We have to focus more on your work conditions. When you are tired, it’s not reasonable that you have to use your energy on finding a place to park your truck. Better capacity is a part of the solution. Besides better capacity on rest areas for truck drivers, we think that you deserve to feel safe, when you are taking breaks. 

How the Danish Minister of Transport wants to create better capacity is up to him. At the moment we have to focus on what we have. At ParkBird our job is to make sure that it is secure for truck drivers to go to work and that the conditions are as good as possible.

With ParkBird it is possible to

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