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We have truck drivers, who want to book them. In our app we match parking spaces with truck drivers, because it creates value for everyone. It's safe, easy and cheap!

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How ParkBird works

ParkBird is safe, easy and cheap. The truck drivers book in the app and find their way to safe parking on their route. It's that simple.


Booking via map or search

The drivers find a parking space in the map or by searching on a specific place. After this they choose truck type, date and hours.


Safety and service prioritized

All parking lots have fences, cameras and surveillance. In some lots there is also an opportunity to choose extra services like baths and staying for the night.


Automatic check-in/out

When the drivers arrive at the site, their license plate is scanned at the gate and they gain access to the parking lot. It provides security for drivers and security guards.


Use TAPA on your route

We follow TAPA level 3 safety requirements on our parking spaces.

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Do you own or rent storage buildings, mega stores or anything similar close to the highway? And do you have a parking lot with free parking spaces? Contact the ParkBird team and get more information about how you can create an extra source of income with us.

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