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Last year a set of new requirements for lorries and busses in Danish low emission zones came into force. These are about to get tightened valid from January 2022. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about the tightened requirements to come for you to be prepared. If curious on the topic, keep reading!

Get to understand the zones

Cleaner air in the cities. That’s the main purpose of the requirements mentioned that have been introduced in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aalborg, Odense, and Aarhus so far. A step towards a greener future.

But whom does the requirements include and how can you comply?

January 1st of 2015 is the date you need to remember. From January 2022 all heavy diesel-powered vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes must be registered after this date. If you have an older vehicle, you must get a particulate filter attached to be compliable to the requirements. No rules without exceptions – get an overview here.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency are the one responsible of enforcing the low emission zones. The needed data are collected by camera-operated automatic number plate checks placed around the zones. Driving in the zones with a non-compliable vehicle will cost you a penalty charge of DKK 12,500 for lorries and busses. A charge you can easily avoid if just getting your vehicle compliable.

Check if your vehicle is registered correctly

Since the first requirements came into force, numbers of hauliers received letter from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency stating that their vehicle is not compliable with the emissions. Even though the vehicles are compliable – how is that?

Several examples of incorrect registrations in the Motor Register might be the answer, which is why we recommend you check if your vehicle is registered correctly. Check here.

Overview and transit routes

The low emission zones have transit routes for non-compliable vehicles to be able to cross the zones anyway. The exact view of the zones is for you to see at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency website. It’s also possible to search exact addresses, to see if it’s placed in a low emission zone. Check it out here.

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