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Most truck drivers have hard and tiring days on the road, where long routes are the main part of the workday. This means that rest and a good night’s sleep is essential to make sure that the time spend on the roads are as safe and comfortable as possible. A lot of drivers rest in the cabin behind the truck cab – this often happens in rest areas found along the highways, which is not an ideal way for the drivers to sleep. There is a driving ban on Sundays meaning that during this time the drivers need to utilise time to make sure they meet the rules set for resting. The time set for rest is 45 hours and should not be spend in the truck – even though there usually is a bed in the truck cabin.

An important 45-hour break

A long week consisting of 60 hours of work means that the 45-hour break is very important for the driver. Should the driver decide to rest in the cabin of the truck instead of finding a hotel or hostel, a fine of 60 Euros pr. hour will be issued to the driver and the fine given to the employer is 180 Euros. For years, the solution has been to rest in the truck cabin because no other option has been available. Not only is there a problem with the lack of parking space, but also hotels and guest houses who has enough parking spaces for the lorries.

Proper conditions for every truck driver

The truck drivers should not have to rest at places where landlords have specialized in putting beds at the driver’s disposal. At ParkBird we believe that there needs to be better conditions at the driver’s disposal – something better than sleeping in their cabins. At ParkBird our mission is to make it as easy as possible for the drivers to find places where they can rest. If truck drivers in general have a comfortable cabin and it’s difficult to find a place to rest for the night, it’s understandable that most drivers will chose to sleep in their cabin. We believe that a proper solution has been missing long enough and now we have taken matters into our own hands.

Safe and secure rest time

Rest time should be a break from work. Therefore, it’s about time better conditions for truck drivers are introduced so they can get a well-deserved break and be ready to work again. Not only is it a question about the drivers work conditions, but also about safety for everyone on the road. At ParkBird we want to make sure that every driver is secured a safe resting time. Therefore, we created an app making it easy for all truck drivers to find the ideal place to rest and recharge. The ParkBird app makes it easy to book parking spaces which ensures the drivers can rest within good conditions. Some of the facilities have security guards patrolling the parking area, nice and clean toilet facilities as well as comfortable accommodation.

All of this is controlled through the app where an easy system makes sure that the drivers are offered the parking and accommodation closest to their position.

When a parking space is booked there is no need to worry about getting a parking fine as this is taken care of when you book a parking space with proper facilities.

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