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Though Covid-19 have been dominating the news for a year and a half, a greener future and way of living is still on the political agenda – consumers also seem to take more climate friendly choices in their everyday life. The percentage of electric cars on the roads have made a serious growth the last couple of years and more than every 5th newly purchased car is electronic. The interest of green transport has found its way to heavy vehicles as well and sales of electric trucks are steadily rising.

Future transport is electronic

The annual climate summit in Glasgow took place two weeks ago where Radikale Venstre presented their proposals for Denmark to become the first CO2-neutral country by the year 2040 – including stricter requirements of the present low emission zones and financial support to invest in electronic trucks.

DFDS are among the danish companies taking big steps towards a greener future and just placed an order at Volvo of 100 electronic trucks. The new green trucks are supposed to be used for both short- and long distanced deliveries and planned to hit the roads in the end of 2022. Volvo are one of the manufactures investing heavily in electric vehicles – Volvo FM Electric, which is their first electronic truck, can load 44 ton and drive 300 km.

Front runner of electronic vehicles, Tesla, have also joined the race of climate friendly trucks – planned to start production in the beginning of next year. Tesla sets the standard high with a driving distance of 800 km on a 30-minute charging. Taking the first place so far of driving distance.

The Dutch truck manufacture DAF have already made a second-generation electronic truck, that can drive a 200 km distance – perfect for short distance deliveries. STARK have already bought one of DAF’s trucks and distributes their customers in Greater Copenhagen by climate friendly transport.

Sweden goes green

Our dear neighbours in Sweden also invests big in electronic trucks. In the attempt of achieving climate neutrality, the Swedish Government have joined forces together with a large number of Swedish companies, now investing three-digit millions in developing climate friendly transport. More specific, projects intended to improve the charging infrastructure, boost number of electronic trucks and the development of batteries for long-distance driving.

Electric transport is here to stay

Not many years ago people looked at electronic trucks as an impossibility. Yet here we are – growing number of companies, danish as well as foreign, that takes the lead of a more climate friendly transport industry - aiming to become CO2-neutral. Regardless how anti climate conscious you might be, electric vehicles are here to stay.

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