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OK is a cooperative and owned by its customers. That is why we develop our business with the customer's needs in mind – an approach we have pursued for over 100 years. Today, we are a nationwide supplier of transport diesel, petrol, lubricants, natural gas and electricity for both business and private customers. OK also supplies consultancy and project management services and installs heat pump solutions in all sizes. 

OK has a strong transport department. We have almost 80 Truck Diesel stations, which are accessible to our transport customers and strategically located at traffic hubs, making it easy for our customers to refuel with us. In addition, we also supply fuel for home tanks. In 2020, we opened our first Truck Wash – we hope to open more such facilities in the future. 

We develop solutions for the energy market of the future
At OK, our goal is to be a key player in the energy market of the future, which is why we participate in the green transition and develop solutions for future fuels. 

We explore several directions, rather than relying on a single technology. It is our goal to provide solutions for our customers that help to reduce CO2 emissions in the smartest and most efficient way.2-udslippet på den smarteste og mest effektive måde for vores kunder. 

Our specific initiatives include the construction of three biogas filling stations in the area around Copenhagen - namely Prags Boulevard, Mileparken in Skovlunde and Høje Taastrup Transportcenter. 

Another product we offer our customers is the biofuel HVO. We offer it as a BULK product and have also installed the first tank at one of our Truck Diesel stations. In ongoing efforts, we survey locations to establish whether we can supply this product to our customers in the future. 

Solid foundation and broad outlook
OK's foundation is Denmark but, being in the transport industry, it is important that we have a broad outlook. We must develop solutions that we can see are needed by Danish hauliers driving abroad. We also need to explore how we can make it attractive for foreign hauliers to refuel in Denmark, where they can fill up using the OK/DKV card.

In order to create dynamism and progress, we have expanded our partnership with DKV in recent years . We have strengthened, and continue to strengthen, our relationships with partners abroad. By doing this, we can create solutions that enable our customers to refuel abroad using their OK/DKV cards. 

This card allows customers to refuel at more than 50,000 stations across Europe. Naturally, we are happy to offer advice in regard to finding the right locations. 

We have also expanded our partnership with Instantic, so that we can offer SMS-refuelling to foreign customers who are refuelling in Denmark.

Designed for refuelling in Denmark 

Our Truck Diesel card is the most secure card in the industry. It is equipped with a chip that is impossible to clone. 

We are able to make individual adjustments as needed based on, for example, the desired number of refuels per day, or on the quantity per refuel. There are more options available to customers of OK. Customers find that it is easy to manage the "MinOK” customer portal, and that it gives them a good overview of their account.

Access is important
We develop digital solutions according to customers' needs – always with a focus on security, and that it must be easy and accessible to be an OK customer. This includes having a strong network of Truck Diesel stations and being easily accessible, so that our customers can get in touch with us. For a number of years, OK has had a 24/7 system in place in the transport department. This ensures that the haulage companies can get in touch with us 24 hours a day. 

The on-call service is designed to assist transport customers who, for some reason, have problems refuelling. This means that they won't be stranded in the middle of the night, as we can almost always help them to move on, for example by remotely opening the stand at the specific station. 

Our SMS solution, which is unique, is another way we can often help our customers on their journey. Refuelling via SMS can be used in different ways, according to the needs of the customers. Some customers only use it in emergencies, for example when their Truck Diesel card is damaged. Others use it as the only solution, where the driver always refuels via mobile at one of OK's Truck Diesel stations. 

We are owned by our customers
OK is a 100% Danish cooperative. We are owned by approximately 11,600 customers and dealers, all of whom contribute to our development. Being a co-owner at OK has several advantages. First and foremost, it means a share in profits. It also means that co-owners can choose to take an active part in OK's development. 

Owned by our customers, we work to develop solutions in line with our customers' needs and requests – and we have done so for more than 100 years. 

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