More trucks are on the road – but where do they park?

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During the corona pandemic there has been a great need for deliverance of supplies, not just to the countless grocery stores in the times of panic and hoarding of bread and toilet paper, but especially also to the medical industry, who has been depending on truck drivers to transport safety equipment across country borders.

The past year we have seen quite the increase in the numbers of trucks on the highways, and the long-distance truck drivers have had more work and less rest during their 24-hour day, which, at times, have come off too short.

Driving/resting ratio But… The resting hours need to be kept, even when there are important items to be transported to the companies and citizens of the world. Resting hours are made to ensure safe conditions for our truck drivers, but lay-by parking spots are not found in sufficient numbers along the highways, and many truck drivers struggle to find a spot for their layover, before going back on the European highways.

There is a lack of secure parking spaces

Especially in Denmark, the drivers experience difficulties finding proper lay-by parking spots, and it is even more problematic than what you would expect. The lack of resting spaces means that many truck drivers are close to exceed their driving/resting ratio, and some actually do exceed their driving time in the search of a decent and legal parking spot for them to rest.

The consequences of not keeping within the boundaries of the driving time are quite large. They are not only economical or legal but being on the road for too long can also have consequences for the driver’s safety. The rules for driving time and resting time have been created to ensure that the truck drivers across the country are driving in the safest possible condition, and to avoid accidents caused by the lack of attention due to insufficient sleep.

In Germany they have approximately invested 9 billion DKK in the years 2008-2018, to extend the amount of lay-by parking spots, and in Denmark it has also been requested that the government find enough money to extend the Danish lay-by capacity. Calculations have shown that it will require 180 million DKK to double the amount of lay-by parking spots along the Danish highways.

It's a big problem

For the time being, the truck drivers that can’t find a parking spot has two options: to pay a parking ticket when parking illegally or avoid keeping the driving/resting ratio. Taking the second option, there is a risk that both the company and the driver will receive an even bigger fine. Two frustrating alternatives, since there are not parking spaces for all the trucks.

ParkBird offers secure parking and easy booking

At Parkbird we offer all drivers a safe and affordable solution on one of our many parking spots. Vi cooperate with companies that have larger parking spaces available. All our parking partners have fenced parking lots, camera surveillance and visible security staff on spot. In our app you can always see if there is an available spot for you, book a spot for your truck based on both duration of your stay and the size of your truck, as well as do an easy check-in and check-out. That way you are sure to keep your resting hours without compromising your safety.

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