Three good reasons to choose ParkBird


How ParkBird works

Parkbird is SAFE, EASY and CHEAP. Download the app and create an account. Find a parking space near your route. Book and park. It's that simple.


Search for a parking space

Choose a parking space on the map and search for a specific place to park. Choose your truck type and how long you want to park.


Book and pay

Pick date and time and book the parking spot. You'll get a confirmation in your mailbox right away.


Automatic check-in/out

When you arrive your number plate will be scanned in the gate, and you will get access to the parking lot.

Download ParkBird now

Get access to TAPA level 3 approved parking lots and good driver facilities by using our app. It's easy, simple and cheap. 

Med hver ende af Danmark dækket, og mange nye lokationer på vej, kan du være sikker på at vi har en plads tilegnet dine behov. 

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